Santiago to New Zealand

For a last wave at South America Valparaiso was a double edged sword, but certainly an interesting one.  I loved the place but should have tucked myself in bed safely after dark, but the alternative certainly leads to an interesting life.

The  bus ride to Santiago was uneventful, I got to the airport early and ended up joining a party of Sufi’s who had gathered to welcome their Sheik Hisham, the rather outspoken Sufi of the Naqshbandi order who speaks out against violence in Islam. They had marvellous hats and I was throughly entertained chit chatting to them.

I loved the flight as I usually do and touched down in New Zealand refreshed. In New Zealand I had a day to wait until my flight to Oz so I went to an island near Auckland called Waiheke and found a nice little beach where you could skinny dip. Luckily as I didn’t have any swimmers.

I slept the night in my hammock outside a church, swinging in my hammock between some upright posts. The priest opened up the church so I could make myself some tea which was handy.

In Auckland I found out that I was at the wrong airport. Yup, it was so long since I booked my ticket that I forgot that I had decided to travel to Christchurch to fly out. Luckily they let me change the ticket at the booking desk for no extra fee as I looked smilingly at them.

So then to Oz, a short flight over the southern seas, calm and sunny 7 miles below the little shimmering plane. My second time down under.

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