I set about in life to learn many things because I have always been fascinated by this planet and what’s on it, but a few things caught my interest more than others….

The Web

Whilst doing my dive instructor exams in Tioman, Malaysia, I came across a Norwegian man who was sitting on a beach, with a laptop. He was working, I saw my future.

So I learned many of the basics regarding website management, image manipulation, how to make video, SEO, how to build and secure a server, 3d software, built one of the early Template stores and then managed websites for clients such as County Hall and the London Film Museum in London. These days I use that early adopter experience to make the web a less befuddling place for other people.

Here are a few recent examples, firstly an ecommerce store, second is a business website for a therapist, just click on the link in the text.

Moving Image and Scuba Diving

Before the internet age one of the best ways to earn a living in the wilds was to teach scuba diving. I loved doing this for a while, working for a dive school where I drove an old long tail boat to the clear bays to do confined water training, then cluttered back with an old Thai engine that hauled us through the clear sea.

I then decided that a bit or autonomy would be handy, so I got a camera and housing from Singapore, then set-up making underwater video on Koh Tao in Thailand. This kept the rent paid for two years on what was a relatively untouched island at the time, there was no-one else making video in this way so I got a free ride on the boat every day, I also got to spend so much time relaxing underwater on my own that I got to know the fish, the little nooks and crannies and a whole new world that is so different from the one above the waves.

Video Production Company

After running a business making underwater video for a few years I returned to the UK and, as my specialisation was run and gun video, or just getting the job done on the move, I filmed anything from festivals to live performances.

I now specialise in using the minimum of equipment, hence I can get anywhere and still create video with stuff that can fit in a flight bag, but still creating 4k video and good gimbal footage.

In the last year I have been making videos with a company that works using blockchain technology, so I have been to Singapore, Korea, Berlin, Bangkok, Malaysia and Japan.


I was lucky to have learned the piano for a number of years as a child, I took the spirit of those years into my teens when I picked up a guitar and slotted into the raw chaos of the early 90’s. These days there’s less disharmony, having settled on a more acoustic style.

This is a video I made of one of my songs.

Art Project

South Hill Park is an interesting place, an old royal hunting lodge that is too near Bracknell for comfort, but comforts Bracknell with it’s creativity.

SHP was managed for a good while by a very creative director who brought many projects to the place, including a yearly festival but also a wonderful arts project that I got involved in with a photographer and a musician, truly a learning experience for us all.


My love of photography started with an Olympus camera back when you had to carry rolls of film with you for weeks until finding a place to capture them.

Here is a small collection of pictures that were displayed at an exhibition in the basque country.

The Wilderness

I love mountains, walking in the Andes, the lake district, they are places to get perspective.

I had fun learning to paraglide in Nepal, flying with the birds in the Himalaya.

I also enjoyed scuba Diving amongst coral or swimming in wild waves with a simple pair of goggles, which I tend to do more than scuba diving now.

My blog is at cybergypsy.eu

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  1. Hi Dom,

    Yes interested in what yr saying because I need to be much more free! But with wages too.

    So – my website is just where I add poetry & a bit of artwork I’ve done – it hasn’t got the essays that I am in the middle of for Uni. But I’m in my last year…..

  2. honey, kind of lost you… such confusions….sent many communications to the wrong places… and my space was blocked by some advert which I didn’t realise for ages… so I HAVE been talking away into the silence of your non replies… missed your chats badly. Anyway, this all looks fantastic…. so pleased you’re free again to travel and explore the imaginative depths of yourself. Envious isn’t the word… i’m green with jealousy! Blessing and love.


  3. Fantastically inspiring story. I esp love the fact that yr Scandinavian mentor was half-cut! Definitely one of the sleekest looking trav blogs I’ve seen in a long while too, good on yer and keep it up!
    How do I sign up for updates, aside from rss? Email, fb page etc?
    ‘Mystic Guru Furtrapper’ Jools πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Dom,

    I have also my own website: TravelerVoice (www.travelervoice.com), a new social network gathering travel bloggers and readers. A good way to promote your blog for free πŸ˜‰

    As your blog is exactly the kind of writing we are looking for our Round the world section, please feel free to register at http://www.travelervoice.com/register πŸ˜‰

    I am looking forward to hearing from you πŸ™‚


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