In 1997 I was doing my scuba instructor exams on Tioman in Malaysia. I had been in Hong Kong for almost a year earning enough money to take my instructor exams, and the easy going life on Tioman, with it’s great diving, was a welcome break.

One evening, when taking a stroll on the beach I came across I drunk Norwegian man who was tapping away on a laptop. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was linked up to a company he owned in Sweden, and was working. I said that anything that would allow me to work, on a beach, In South East Asia should be a part of my future. And here I am.

From Tioman I went on to teach scuba diving on in Thailand, then settled into making underwater video. The technology was not quite up to speed and I made most of my video on pre digital equipment. But I had great fun, filmed some things i’ll never forget including whale sharks, and spent lots of time floating weightless under the Gulf of Thailand.

At the time we were hearing stories of the new systems that were becoming available to edit video on computers. The equipment I was using on Koh Tao was so basic, that I was dubbing Audio with a $7 walkman bought on the Koh San Road.

It was not until I got back to England (my daughter was five and needed an education that island life could not offer) that I started to pick up computer skills.

I bought a simple generic computer, learned how to edit the video I had shot, and then learned how to compress it, and started building web pages to show the video off. From there I branched into all areas of web design.

I now have the equipment I dreamed of back then. And want to investigate how much it really can set you free.

In all I have travelled for over eight years in South East Asia, South America and Europe. I have a belief that if you don’t like what you do for forty hours of your week, then perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it. If you can’t change your circumstances straight away then just stick around, and we’ll show you how to change your future.

The only thing that ties us now, is our imagination. And that should be limitless.

I have a 2002 Glasgow Ambulance that is converted to a liveaboard vehicle, the world is still turning.

So see you out there!

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  1. Hi Dom,

    Yes interested in what yr saying because I need to be much more free! But with wages too.

    So – my website is just where I add poetry & a bit of artwork I’ve done – it hasn’t got the essays that I am in the middle of for Uni. But I’m in my last year…..

  2. honey, kind of lost you… such confusions….sent many communications to the wrong places… and my space was blocked by some advert which I didn’t realise for ages… so I HAVE been talking away into the silence of your non replies… missed your chats badly. Anyway, this all looks fantastic…. so pleased you’re free again to travel and explore the imaginative depths of yourself. Envious isn’t the word… i’m green with jealousy! Blessing and love.


  3. Fantastically inspiring story. I esp love the fact that yr Scandinavian mentor was half-cut! Definitely one of the sleekest looking trav blogs I’ve seen in a long while too, good on yer and keep it up!
    How do I sign up for updates, aside from rss? Email, fb page etc?
    ‘Mystic Guru Furtrapper’ Jools 🙂

  4. Hi Dom,

    I have also my own website: TravelerVoice (www.travelervoice.com), a new social network gathering travel bloggers and readers. A good way to promote your blog for free 😉

    As your blog is exactly the kind of writing we are looking for our Round the world section, please feel free to register at http://www.travelervoice.com/register 😉

    I am looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


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