The jetlag is still creeping up on me by mid afternoon but it’ll be gone when I start hiking up and down hills with a paraglider.

That all starts tomorrow. Today we had a pre course briefing by Adam, the fella that runs the school and are to arrive at 9am ready for take off. It looks like the agenda is set up to allow us to take things slowly in pretty much the same way that scuba diving is taught these days, but we’ll see.

The weather was great today, warm but not too warm, just right for sitting in cafes at the end of the lake watching paragliders drifting to earth. Some of them were doing crazy exercises over the lake, they do it like that so that it’s not too fatal if they collapse in a ball of nylon out of the sky, none of them did.

I’m looking forward to this.

One thought on “Acclimatising”

  1. Lovely view babes!
    Hope you have lots of fun and don’t get frightened! When off to Cambridge fore the w-end to see Christine Raining here again. and missing your company. xxx

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