I slept in until the afternoon today as my body seemed to have needed it. A cross between jet lag and the heat takes its toll, but I want to get out to Angkor so I drag my carcass out there for sunset.

I hire a bicycle for around £1.00 a day and peddle out to Angkor Wat. I take a road that bypasses the ticket office so have to go back to get my $20.00 single day entry – this allows me to go in for sunset and back again the next day. You can get cheaper deals over a number of days which I would recomend as Angkor is immense.

The first point of entry is Angkor Wat itself. This seems to be only one small part of the main site although it has given it’s name to the whole. What can I say, it’s impressive and rather puzzling, I mean I have visited other deserted cities like Fatehpur Sikri in India, but that place has a well documented reason for the people deserting it – they didn’t like the water, now that’s a perfectly sane reason for leaving your city to the rodents. But this place has no explanation, people think that the Khmers may have ‘overextended themselves’, but how does that mean everyone buggering off to let the jungle reclaim the place.

I’ll try and find out….

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