And so to the home of my gilfriend, a place called Bellingen in New South Wales. It is a green and pleasant valley that is so unlike the dry and arid Oz of my imagination.

2 thoughts on “Bellingen”

  1. I had one of the most memorable nights of my life in Bellingen many moons ago – down by the river watching half a million bats fly over head, accompanied by two lovely Canadian girls.

    Truly spectacular, aided and abetted by some of Nimbins finest product. We staggered back to the hostel at 4am and found an open bakery serving a cracking variety of delicious pastries. Perfect end to a perfect night 😉

    Oh the memories.

  2. I read an article about the bats in a local tour guide that said ‘with so many bats flying overhead on their way to feed at sunset it is wise to wear a hat’.
    It really is lovely around here, a little bit like your part of the world on the welsh borders…

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