Busy busy busy

Well it’s good to be busy, but it doesn’t leave much time for boarding planes to sunny climbs. I even let my dive instructor qualification lapse this year which means I must be well dug in..but on the positive side we here at OpenG Active Media have been producing some lovely websites for people to get busy with.

The latest little number is The Movieum which I must admit is turning into more of a full time job, there is just so much going on in that grand old building by The Thames. I get to hang out with people like Bob Keene, indulge my movie making passions and get my hands on hi def cameras and it seems like a while since I swung a camera on the plymouth to Banjul challenge.

I am making good use of ryanairs cheap flights in April however. I booked two tickets return to Shannon for 4 pence, am flying to Touolouse for ten days and even booked up a day return to Newquay for the grand old price of tuppence. If anyone is thinking about my carbon footprint stop it right there.

For summer I want to get a Winnebago and a laptop data card, it’s time to take this gypsy on the road again.

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