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Glide-Rite Air Suspension

My air suspension is one of the best things on my wagon, it’s like driving cupped in a waterbed, makes cruising along a pleasure. I also have a posh airbed that pumps up in seconds using the 240 volts that fits snugly width ways into the van, so when I’m sleeping on an airbed with air underneath keeping the wagon up it’s like the double cheeseburger of rest, a double air nights sleep.

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Google voice uk style phone booths launched

A number of years ago the powers that be in the UK telecoms business decided that there was no reason why another little bit of the wonderful and quirky individuality of these fair isles should be done away with, which is why our wonderful red phone boxes were uprooted and sent to the scrap heap for good. It was wonderful for theme pubs, expat millionaires or anyone else wanting to shove a little bit of England in the corner of their establishment, but for the majority we waved goodbye and that was it.

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