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Two Years of lido relaxation!


Tis almost two years since my last post, so I took a look back over the years since I set-up Cyber Gypsy and had a few thoughts before heading back into the world of on-line personal biography writing.

My original reason for starting this site off was partly because I didn’t really want to.  I was quite against the idea of typing into a screen at regular intervals to an audience of possibly zero, but I take note if my attitudes are ever negative such as tucking into Neighbours for a few years when Kylie Minogue was a mechanic because I used to dislike soap operas so much, so I did the same with blogging and went about turning my dislike around.

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Rolls Royce Qantas Engine Failure

I have a friend who, when she gets on a plane, I have been known to get a phone call from the cabin. She checks out the safety features, the amount of engines (two can looks pretty thin for such a large plane), ¬†she’s a nervous flier and as such keeps an eye on safety to such an extent that she has confronted people that behave suspiciously on a flight. It works, she has always gotten to where she is heading.

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