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Mobile Boutique Hotel

Richard Oetker, an eccentric corporate executive who tried to compensate for his traumatising experience of being kidnapped for ransom with this hotel on wheels.

With this unique mobile accommodation, business partners were initially driven to selected locations, housed and fed. He made sure that all feasible wishes of his guests could be realised. He created a unique fleet based on solid and robust Mercedes lorries and specially designed trailers and semi-trailers.

All Mercedes lorries and trailers have been converted for many types of road and terrain and offer space for all 15 co-drivers in the cabs.

In this ‘oldie boutique motel’ there is accommodation for 15 people in 3 trailers, a lounge for get-togethers with old fashioned media, a ‘full gastro kitchen’ with 6-burner gas hob/oven, extractor bonnet, fridge and freezer compartments, dishwasher and much more.

The vehicles are all Mercedes trucks, trucks that were built to handle extreme circumstances and in themselves, have space for many people whilst in motion.

There are showers, double and single beds, wardrobes for clothes.

There is a restaurant section for people who would be eating the food cooked in the restaurant.

One of the best things though is the rather antique, green look of the hotel, which is why we think they would suit being on a festival site as they actually enhance, rather than detract from their surroundings.

Here is an image gallery for you to look through, with some videos after.