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Cheap flights are easy to find if you know where to look, but life isn’t made easy by the huge amount of choices out there to choose from.

With each flight checking website promising good value, remember that they can only usually offer you good value in their one area of expertise, this might mean looking around for your bargains.

So, you need a well stocked tool kit, some patience and a willingness to shop around. But at the end of the day don’t let it become an obsession, you might save two quid after searching for a week but that time might have been better spent doing whatever it is you do to earn money for your adventures.

I’ll list my favourites, then as many flight checkers as I can get my hands on for your delectation, if you have a favourite please tell us.

1. The flight checker at Money saving Expert.

I live in London, which is luckily is one of the centres of budget travel around Europe. There are more budget airlines than you can shake a stick at and you can find most of them over here all in one magical tool.

The best thing about this tool is that you can pop dates in when you are free, upon which it will give you a list of flights that can be as little as nothing. Well almost, my cheapest flights were something like a pound for a return flight to Ireland – Ireland being the home of Michael Ryan, the head of Ryanair, attracts some of the cheapest flights around.

2. This great little tool was where I booked my flight to Australia and back last winter via Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore with breaks in between. You can mess around with all sorts of combinations and come up with your dream trip all on either Qantas or British airlines planes which are some of the comfiest int he sky.

3. Kayak.

For open jaw flights on a plethora of airlines I find this tool to be excellent. It comes up cheapest time and time again and I can create the oddest journeys between cities by messing about with combinations and times – try moving a flight to mid week from a Saturday to see what difference it makes for instance, or from January to February, if you have the time you can fly for less.

These are some of my favourite tools, but below is a list of as many as we could track down, remember to actually get away once you get stuck into these:

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  1. I’d recommend the Kayak multi-destination search. You can often find cheaper prices by booking multiple legs of a trip separately or through differing connecting cities.

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