Google Voice in The UK

Only recently I wrote a little article on how to get cheaper roaming phone charges and it seems that Google could be an answer to our prayers.

Google voice is a service that has, as yet, been rolled out to the US only. What they did there was to buy a telephone provider (GrandCentral) that offered telephone numbers for life that you could use for your mobile phone, land-line and any other telephony related service.

They then have a range of services that allow you to make use of the fact that you can pick up things like voice mail from any device in a number of ways for instance you can be emailed your voice mail as text.

This could bode well for those who work and travel because it would mean you could re-route calls to wherever you might be without using another number.

The only thing if you live outside of The US is that this service has been beyond our reach. Recently Google made an announcement at a technology forum that they will be rolling it out in The UK in the near future.


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