Jupiters Travels

I once read this wonderful book by Ted Simon called Jupiter’s Travels about his tour on a Triumph around the globe. But one thing that puzzled me was a big gap in the middle where it seems he was gobbled up by cosy living in the hippy hills of the US Eastern seaboard. Ted hung up his boots and tucked into hippy chicks and corn bread for a good long while.

Bellingen has snaffled me up in a similar fashion, it being a little laid back haven luxuriating in it’s emerald green valley whilst it cups you and runs it’s fingers through your hair. I also am lucky enough to have three sisters (well did have, young Nelly has gone back to the UK) who assist the aforementioned Bellinger valley with the baking of cakes and home made bread.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get out of here alive, it’ll turn into a ‘whicker man’ scenario where some vixen like Britt Ekland will try to tempt me away from my monk like life of abstinence with kinky gyrations. I won’t be as foolish as Edward Woodward and will take up the offer for the good of all involved, I’m ready for you Britt though I may lose my virtue in my escape attempt.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I am catching up on some web work after a negligent Christmas of pies and beer. It’s not all sacrifices in 40 ft tall withy geezers around here y’know.

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