Merry Christmas Everyone.

I arrived in Sydney drained physically and emotionally. I had been on a ‘memory lane’ trip in Hong Kong that wasn’t healthy, I had spent my time retracing steps and sometimes it’s best to see things afresh but there is a lesson learned, but it did mean that I arrived in Sydney without that wide eyed wonder I normally bring to the party with me.

I called up some people I knew from Reading and they kindly put me up for the night. I probably would have been better had I booked a room at a hostel though, not because the hospitality was poor, they were wonderfully welcoming, but because I could have been a lot better company than the sorry knackered wretch that arrived on their doorstep. I was also Christmas eve and I hadn’t bought a bottle at duty free as we had originally arranged to meet up the pub so I didn’t want to drag booze around with us for the evening – I therefore decided that I would go to an offy (bottle shop) and repair this upon arrival – but John had been ill for the day so we met at their house. We popped out for the aforesaid ales but nothing was open. I sat supping a few beers that a neighbour had nicely brought down as my enthusiasm to get a few beers was translated as my wanting to get wasted, I felt mean.

Anyhow it was a nice evening, John made a pile of chip butties, Jason brought down a top kung fu movie and we all made the best of Christmas Eve – next time I’ll bring my enthusiasm with me, but John and Eddie (Edwina) aren’t the kind to hold grudges, they are salt of the earth people and will get a fine slap up feed at the first opportunity.

So, I’m going to save my musings on Sydney for when I have recharged my batteries, meanwhile I am wandering around munching on Australian delights (big fat sandwiches and pies) trying to get my head around this place. The harbour is busy, the weather not too hot and I can see it’s a cosmopolitan place, if we decide to live here it might be my home for a good while so I had better make the most of it.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone.”

  1. Welcome Dahn Unda, matey. Is this your first visit to Oz then? Looking forward to showing you the West. How are you planning to get here? Fly? or take the Ghan – not much to see from a train window as you cross the Nullarbor, but you might get a true sense of how big this country that is a continent is. Welcome, old friend, enjoy.

    xx Joey

  2. Heh Joey – it’s great here isn’t it, but a lot different to what I expected in all sorts of ways – Oz is the kind of place we all think we know about in the UK but don’t really if you get what I mean.
    I’m just having a ganders at my opportunities for travel over to Perth, probably going to fly at least from Adelaide, don’t want to train it all the way cos that’d be like watching paint dry.

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