Paragliding Course Day Two

Today we did more ground handling to get used to the Alpine Launch (launching forward at a run rather than a reverse launch more commonly used in the UK) but we also went on a tandem flight with one of the experienced instructors to get an idea of some of the exercises we have read about being put into actual practice. These are exercises to handle the stabilisation of the canopy when it gets into certain conditions as well as exercises to allow you to descend quicker if needs be.

The tandem flight was incredible, to fly with a whisper over the mountains with a drop to the lake of just under a Kilometre in front of you is an awe inspiring experience. This is what flying is about.

Tomorrow we take our first solo flights from a lower height to get a feel for some of the in air exercises ourselves, I’m really looking forward to this and can’t wait to be at the controls.

As for life in Lakeside, Pokhara I ventured into one of the grubbier street food cafes with a few of the other paragliding trainees on Tuesday Night to test out the local street food. I have shied away up until now to give me stomach time to adjust but you have to dive in sometime; me and my tum survived to live another day and the food was plentiful and tasty. I am also keeping away from the local ale to keep my head focused on flying, which is displaying a sensible streak that didn’t exist in me 20 years ago.

Wednesday night I went to the little Tibetan Restaurant over the road from The Hotel Crown where they make some tasty food, excellent mo mo’s and tibetan bread with chicken curry to round the evening off wonderfully.

One thing that I have had trouble with around here is the cash points. I tried to take some money out over the weekend and on Monday and no joy, and that was with both Mastercard Credit and Maestro with my Natwest cards. Then this morning my Mastercard worked. It’s a bit hit and miss, but everything is so cheap that I never ran out of cash so no dramas there.

Looking forward to tomorrow and our first flights. Bring on the blue skies.


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