Still Stranded

I can feel the winter rolling on to the London streets because it wakes up something that should be left sleeping. I feel too awake in fact, which doesn’t scare me half so much as it used to.

This is the time of year to be heading south with the beautiful birds, perhaps as a bit of a loping companion to them but all with the same goal in mind.

I however have to stay in London to babysit some important work that will sustain me through winter, so I am hoping to be a fluid gypsy by Christmas, or it’ll be a fluid Christmas for me in the cold clutch of blighty.

The good news is that I am doing ninety nine percent of my work on a laptop meaning that when I do pull in the anchor I will take my ability to pay the ferryman with me. And isn’t that what this is all about my fellow travellers?

On that note I have been looking at SIM cards that will work across Europe.

Apparently the way forward is to use a Spanish SIM card for internet access because it proves to be very cheap in Spain, plus not stupidly expensive like our UK versions whilst in other countries. I’ll tell you where to get hold od these SIMS when I get more information.

4 thoughts on “Still Stranded”

  1. Hi

    I would definitely be very grateful for any insight you can provide on the Spanish SIM cards.

    I’ve travelled a lot whilst working via my laptop and still haven’t found a suitable nomadic internet solution. Quite frustrating as it really ahs tied me to larger cities with WiFi spots….either that or being non-productive for significant lengths of time.

    Great blog btw, keep it coming.


  2. Hi PT,

    Her is a link from one site that sells them in this country, although If you do a search in Google you can get advice on how to get one of these in Spain when you are there.

    They seem to be very cheap when using data in Spain but a little more pricey in other European countries, still nothing like the ridiculous price of a roaming data card from here.

    Tell us a little more about what you do on-line PT.

  3. Thanks for the link. I’ve searched long and hard (via google mostly) for a sensibly priced nomadic internet solution, I seem to never get anywhere.

    You are clearly far more tech-savvy than I, could I persuade you to write a dummies guide to connecting via a cell phone/SIM card??!!

    As for what I do online: I’m a professional degenerate I’m afraid. Online poker has supported me for the last 4yrs or so, and the last 9months have seen me finally break through into the world of affiliate marketing…after 18months of trying unsuccesfully.

  4. Actually this SIM is not that cheap as it is still 5Euro’s a MB when out of Spain, it’s just better than most and being prepaid you can leave it dormant for a while until needed.

    For me this is the biggest obstacle to being totally free to work from wherever I want to.

    I’ll write something over the net few days and pop it up…

    Be lucky,


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