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Thailand 1997-1999

After a brief stay in Thailand in 1996 we went to Hong Kong for a year, where I worked on, what was then, the largest building site in the world. I welded for a year which earned us the cash for me to become a dive instructor. I also bought the equipment to make underwater video, which was a bit basic at the time, but it paid the rent for a good while.

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Leaving India

My last day in India has been spent around the Jangli Maharaj Road or Revenue Colony area of Pune. It’s a student area full of colleges, it has an old sunken temple carved from stone as if it were scraped from the very ground, there are vegetarian restaurants nestling across the road from McDonald’s where the students are getting a taste for Silicon Valley cuisine, the usual haphazard Indian streets where motorcycle seats are re-covered, sugar cane juice is sold and men stand chewing kat talking tough about Pakistan, how India is a tiger and the future is bright.

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Mumbai Again

I’m not sure if I like this place or not, but I get the idea that I’d love it if I stayed here for a year. I’m a bit of a sucker for old colonial houses, I’d have to get one of those – and a posse full of those locals that speak English in such a flowery way, using too many words because it’s fashionable, that use Nay instead of saying no. I’m not being sarcastic there either, I love it.

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