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Colonia and Work today

I have finally settled down in the chocolate box pretty little town of Colonia del Sacramento to do some work. I mean I am supposed to be working on the hoof, which apart from a few little bits and pieces I have so far failed to do this month. To be honest I have enjoyed the break. I worked very hard for a few months before leaving and needed to unwind, but just as I started to think about work again, an old client called Jon calls up and we’re off.

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May in a brightly crisp Blighty

There’s one thing I noticed about Cornwall is that the light is brighter. I thought it was my imagination until I was enlightened by a wonderful German fella called Chris who happens to be a photographer.

Chris said it’s because Cornwall is surrounded by sea, the water reflects light back at all angles in a way that you get such vivid light on the Greek islands, so whites are really white and blues radiate vibrancy. It also lifts the spirits but without you really knowing why, it’s just brighter.

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Terminal 5

I went to Heathrow recently as my ex was getting back from seeing her family in Peru.  I decided to stop off at Terminal 5 to see what all of the fuss was about and was amazed. The building is lovely. It is a cathedral that pays homage to travel, huge halls, grand scale and sheers walls all looking like they pivot on giant metal bearings.

Terminal 5 Heathrow

I sat at the runway end of the terminal, in a cafe and watched one of the new Airbus 380’s take off and could only sit in wonder. For those who want to do nothing but complain about some of the wonderous things we humans make, shut the fcuk up.

Toughen the Fuck Up

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Google’s neighbourhood, one big WiFi network!

Last week Google offered to make it’s entire hometown one big WiFi network

Mountain View, California, will then be the biggest community in the US with free WiFi.

About 72,000 people live in Mountain View, an 11 square mile city 35 miles south of San Francisco.

companies like Google and VeriSign are based in Mountainview, so during the day the population can rise above 100,000

The Glow Lounge

The Glow Lounge, in cavendish parade just near Clapham South tube, is my first port of call to investigate how connected London actually is.

The glow lounge overlooks a busy junction of the south circular road. You have views of Clapham Common, outside seating for those hot days, plug points in case your laptop runs out and a funky traveller style menu, offering anything from a full english breakfast to a Thai curry.

The prices are reasonable with a Thai curry working out at £5.85

The smoothies seem to be popular, and I can imagine the Glow Lounge getting lively in the evening when it turns into a bar.

I met up with Kerry who co owns the bar with her boyfriend, who runs an internet business downstairs.

Kerry explained that the £2.00 charge to use the internet connection is because the diners were being pushed out by too many laptop users. At the weekend they only allow internet use if people are eating. In other words laptops are welcome off peak, but in the evening it is a bar and at the weekends they need to prioritise diners.

Seeing the size of the place this seemed perfectly reasonable, and I’ll be coming back for a full monty breakfast one morning soon.