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Refugio Cordillera

I once hitched through Europe with an old friend. We saw a lot of roadsides on our way and arrived in Cadiz dustier than a couple of dingoes, so I popped on the budgie smugglers and leaped into the sea to cool off. I looked around to see that my travel chum Alex had made a few friends, which was great, until I realised that one of his buddies had nicked my bag.

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Google voice uk style phone booths launched

A number of years ago the powers that be in the UK telecoms business decided that there was no reason why another little bit of the wonderful and quirky individuality of these fair isles should be done away with, which is why our wonderful red phone boxes were uprooted and sent to the scrap heap for good. It was wonderful for theme pubs, expat millionaires or anyone else wanting to shove a little bit of England in the corner of their establishment, but for the majority we waved goodbye and that was it.

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Why a digital nomad?

I have managed to achieve my dream of earning my keep whilst on the move, of carrying all I need in something that can fit into the overhead locker of an aeroplane.

I’m not on the move all of the time as I love to get back to Europe for the balmy summers, where the sunny days interspersed with spells of inclement weather are my idea of heaven. But when the thermometer starts dropping I make a move for the airport, for three or four months London gives in to the cold, this year I’ll be away for 6 months.

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