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Paragliding, Tragedy, New year and Refugios

I found a lovely bunch of people running a paragliding hostel a short half an hours walk from town. The welcome was wonderful at the house of Martin and Mariella, there were a few other paragliding folks and Martins’s brother Diego. We all got on well, talked of flying and the freedom it brings, we didn’t even begin to suspect what would happen the next day.

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Spring in Old Blighty

I can’t believe it’s only 2 months since I arrived back in the UK. So much has happened.

Having arrived back in February I was actually quite pleased to be met by some chilly weather after the heat of India. The first few days back home were the kind of clear blue sky chill that strengthens resolve, the kind of weather that Rocky would have trained in, that captain oats would have taken a cheerful last walk in perhaps. Continue reading Spring in Old Blighty

Paragliding Course day Three FLIGHT

Twas up at 7am like a good pupil and out in the paragliding shop by 8am to use the internet to do some work, then we gathered in the bus (that had been topped up with kerosene due to the fact that it wasn’t possible to buy fuel in Pokhara for various reasons) to head out to a place called ‘Sarankot’ to take our first flights. Continue reading Paragliding Course day Three FLIGHT