The Internet is altering our minds

Apparently the internet is altering our minds. Well I hope so, I mean if we are going to evolve we had better change – but I don’t think the recent stirrings about the Shallows, a book by Nicholas Carr about the way we are getting less and less profound are too positive, Nicholas thinks that the internet is making simpletons of us all.

Well that’s a bit naive in my opinion, but he won’t be short of people who agree with him. After all everything new must run the gauntlet before being accepted – there are the new adopters who innovate and then there are people that stand back and throw buns until they get it. It’s the same with everything (Twitter being a personal example of that as I thought it was a bunch of egotistical rubbish before I cottoned on to it’s benefits, but I digress).

Let’s look at one of his criticisms. Carr points to the fact that we skim read and don’t apparently absorb things on such a profound level as previous generations. He thinks we are failing to be original, but were we ever. We always sucked information in and then spat it out, we are just inventing ways to do this at a greater rate, just not in a way that he understands.

I’ll write more about this another time but right now I have to get some shut-eye.

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