The Perfect Spring Day

Paris is gloriously sunny this weekend so I updated a few websites this morning, then headed up to the Parc Buttes Chaumant to see the elevated views of Paris laid out like a three dimensional table cloth reaching up to the Sacre Coeur and beyond.

After that we took a walk by the Canal St Martin all the way to the Seine past Paris stopping off for eats and to witness the slow passing of the sun, sparrows bathing in dust, houseboats on the canal huddled up like brightly painted beetles, gold clad statues reaching up into the sky.


We caught the metro back to Riquet where we reside in the 19th arondissement and took a breath before meeting friends in an African restaurant called Le Jungle near Opera. We dined on Chicken Yassa, a dish I first tried in The Gambia and drank in the atmosphere of Paris mixed with Central African Reggae beats coming from the sound system.

Above our heads this lovely lady looked down upon us illustrating the contrast between Paris old and new:


Sleepy after a few beers we drifted back on the Metro rocked gently by it’s lullaby.

And so a perfect spring day in Paris. I personally am built for temperatures such as this, 21 degrees with a fresh breeze almost as if we were at the coast feeling a sea breeze.

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