The Train To Brighton

I know my mood hasn’t been good concerning WiFi hotspots in London, considering our glorious capital can’t get it together to provide connectivity, gratis, for it’s citizens to lol about all chaise longue like, in it’s streets writing blogs like this (ie me).

I mean I can understand why. Imagine the glut of bohemians strewn about attempting to work, it would be pitiful. The sight of me strewn outside St Pauls writing an SEO proposal would sicken any banker I’m sure.

So. To escape from this madness I take myself on the road (or rail) to Brighton, and what do I find. WiFi access, free (for a limited period) from T Mobile on the train.

I’m writing this on the train (which is distracting me from working as it happens).

Viva la revolution.

The world IS my office (well, as well as being a dumping ground for humanities inability to govern it’s own greed that is).

We can share. The greedy and me.

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