What happened to Toughbooks?

One thing that I find to be conspicuously absent from the average CyberGypsy baggage check-list is a tough book.
The concept of a tough-book was always one that appealed to me. ‘Use it in the shower’ they said, ‘eat your dinner off of it’. Well to be honest my work tends to stop at the shower curtain and dinner is best had off of china me old china, but the fact that you COULD do it if you wanted to!

But of course it’s the fact that you can throw yourself and your computer around that’s the appealing thing. So why have they not caught on?

Expense of course. When you add up the cost of a machine that has a reasonable screen size and performance you could replace a good few broken Compaq laptops and still have change for an iced tea. I mean most websites you go on to check out toughbooks won’t even tell you the price, like posh jewellery shops do. But here is one that does, check out the Panasonic Toughbook CF52 which looks like it will do that job. But the prices – in the UK you can’t get one for less than 1500 pounds, which seems a bit steep for a dinner plate.

I would like one though.

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