I remember coming across a wonderful tool that found WiFi hotspots around the world for us to latch onto. It was in the days when CyberGypsying was not such a free flowing affair, where, if likened to the art of love making, it would have been the equivalent of fourteen layers of clothing between you and unbridled passion. Did it kill our enthusiasm, of course not, but things have improved and we find ourselves working al mundo more freely now.

But this tool was centred on hotspots and it took a little leap to create something that made the working environment more important, or WorkSnug as it’s quite suitably known.

Anyhow WorkSnug has a Web2.0 feel about it, is easy to use and has simple info that guides us to our WiFi enabled work den with ease. There is an iPhone app (not sure how it would be with a Nokia as my E71 is being repaired) so if you find yourself in the wilds of, let’s say London, no problem.

Well there is a problem. As of yet the choice of places to Cyber and Gypsy are none too many. I mean there are the chain coffee shops and even MaccyD’s should you wish to collaborate with Ronald, but places with a little more dedication to remote working are few and far between.

But hold on a minute, in perusing the Kings Cross area of London I came up with a place called The Hub, or The Hub Net or whatever – but it’s a dedicated CyberGypsy place where you pay a reasonable monthly fee to work with like minded people.

I haven’t been there yet, but will book up my complimentary 1hour (courtesy of WorkSnug) and go investigate.

But hang on – isn’t this place turning remote working into working that is anything but remote. I find myself torn – I look at the lovely pics of a trendy London haven and think that perhaps it is even this that I am escaping from.

Leave it out and get on the bus – I’ll go and take a look and report back.

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