The Halifax

So I get up at 3.30 am because I can’t sleep due to the excitement of it all, then sit in the foyer chatting on MSN to people who are enjoying their Friday night in the UK. I then get a taxi to Hualamphong station to get my train to the Cambodian border.

Do I ‘eck – I needed to get some cash out to pay the Cambodians their visa fee as well as a few other bits and pieces, but the ATM machines were spitting my card out with some explaination in Thai – so I thought to ring the credit card company . My phone was not getting a signal so I went to a garage to get a phone card – by this time I’m realising my window on Cambodia was drawing to a close, so I get a taxi back to my hotel.

I called the card company on skype – they told me that they had nicely cancelled my cards due to the fact that they were being used in a third world country. Well what in gods name do they expect me to do in Thailand, send them back by jet to get a few quid out of the cash machine at Heathrow.

So, after sorting that out I’m still at the Atlanta hotel and have had to endure another day of lounging by the pool and tucking into Pad Kaprow. Life’s a bitch.

I’m going tomorrow morning.