Active Media

Hi there, this is a page that was created to show my strengths when it comes to creating content for social media, which are:

1. Creating Professional Video.

I can create video quickly, with relatively little equipment, hence I can travel with little enough equipment to fit in the overhead locker of an aircraft, edit video on the fly and upload to the web within hours, or if needs be within minutes, of gathering the footage.

I am comfortable speaking to camera, enjoy interviewing other people and am good at story-boarding on the fly. I learned to do this whilst making the most out of limited equipment, by running a company for two years creating underwater video in Thailand.

There is more video if you click here

2. Copywriting and SEO.

I was an early adopter of SEO, learning quickly that ‘link text’ needed to be included in copy.

For examples of my writing look at some of the copy on this website, it has been my blog for a good while.

3. The Image.

I can also take care of photography, my Instagram account is a good example of up to date images

Here are some photos that made it to the Festives d’Ascain in France.

There are some more images at

4. Websites

I have re-discovered the simplicity of WordPress Gutenberg such as my recent website below…

However I also made much larger websites for such concerns as County Hall London, or the London Film Museum, maintaining them for a number of years, but here are a few websites I have made more recently..

5. SEO, Social Media.

These days people need their image fluffing up like a sparrow washing in a bird bath, so from Facebook, Instagram to Twitter all it takes is a little empathy and understanding to know what a client wants.

Here are some more videos, a few recent jobs to a compilation of old underwater videos that started me rolling on the media ball!

Token economics, Evident Proof

KAVA NHS Away day

Evident Proof, Seoul, Korea


The first video ‘Clifton Hills’ is one of me playing a song of mine, the next is a video of me playing in the wonderful ‘Trades Club’ of Hebden Bridge.

Video – Image – Copy

Thanks for your time.