Bollywood Calls..

I got approached whilst walking the streets to see if I wanted to be a Bollywood extra and I said yes, I was sure they would see my star potential and ask me to do something a little more Satjiat ray in the future, but for now it was to be 500 rupees for a day, breakfast, lunch and the chance to see how Bollywood does things.

We were picked up at 8am sharp outside McDonalds in Colaba, packed on a bus with ‘Taj’ written on the front and driven to a school. The film was a remake of the hollywood film ‘Step Mum’, so this was the weepy school play bit.

It was a great day, we were treated well considering our lowly status, lunch was tasty and the filming went well.

The star (Arjun Khan if I heard it correctly) was professional considering he had a few hundred whities staring at him for a day and that it must be one of the most boring jobs on earth (more waiting around than being on the dole).

But we saw the fringe benefits after when he drove out of the studio in a sexy car.

If anyone wants to do the same apparently they ask for people regularly at the YMCA and the Salvation Army hostel. You could also give Imran Giles a call on 9819946742 when you’re in Mumbai, he’s the chap that talked us into our Champagne Super nova.

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