Chao Praya

Go to the end of the Skytrain at Saphan Thaksin, nip on a boat and pay 40p for a trip up river. You get to see Bangkok from the water. It’s a working waterway with people commuting up and down river on a thriving network of Boats, it would be great to see people in London doing the same, nipping up river from Richmond on fast river boats to add that little bit of spice to an ordinary urban day, but that’s long gone – having said that you can use an oyster card on Thames riverboats now so maybe there will be a rennaissance, but I’m digressing here, let’s stick to S.E.Asia.

I managed to catch up with an old buddy who has made Bangkok his home. Paul has a lovely wife and son and has that unique perspective that someone has who has 1. been in bangkok for 10 years  2. Is a Leeds united supporter. I asked him about his angle on the changing way of life here, he said ‘it was changing before we got here, will change after we have gone, but whatever changes happen the Thais will make them their own enough for them to keep their unique outlook and way of life’. So that’s that, we can stick our beaks into S.E.Asia as much as we want but their way of life will grow back like grass over a disused airstrip, eventually leaving no trace of us. You can read more of Pauls informed ramblings over here at the Naked Farang, on first impressions the front page looks dodgier than the content actually is, so read between the lines and tuck in.

Tomorrow I am heading up to Cambodia on the 5.55 train, so I am up at 4 to get to the station in time – it’s a 3rd class train that some kind Thai in the hotel said I’d be sharing with chickens and goats, beats the underground in rush hour I say. Huzzah!

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  1. Great to catch up with you last night, mate. It’s always a pleasure to spend some time with someone as intelligent and witty as you . It was just a bit weird both of us sitting in a pub drinking cokes. I don’t know which emarasses me more – the intelligent and witty compliment or admitting to drinking coke. Happy travels fella and see you next time you pass this way.

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