Colonia and Work today

I have finally settled down in the chocolate box pretty little town of Colonia del Sacramento to do some work. I mean I am supposed to be working on the hoof, which apart from a few little bits and pieces I have so far failed to do this month. To be honest I have enjoyed the break. I worked very hard for a few months before leaving and needed to unwind, but just as I started to think about work again, an old client called Jon calls up and we’re off.


To do the aforesaid work we rented a room in a hostel that was just perfect for the job. Airy, light and with a little table for me to work at near the door, thus making applying myself easy to do. Anyhow I really don’t think of it as work in the traditional sense – what I do now to earn a crust sets me free, I tend to be in places I want to be and am truly interested in what I do and working with the wonderful people I get to work with. Win win, or win win win as Andy says.

My tool for work is a Compaq CQ60 laptop. I use a Compaq purely because this is what I was bought by the hotel where my Dell was stolen in Vietnam a few years ago. It has lasted being thrown in a bag and ported around the world. I don’t use Apple computers because they’re, quite simply, more expensive, but I have used both Apple and Windows and love using a MacBook just for the home entertainment system and to edit my pics on. Be careful though as I nearly lost my biggest ever client when I got a PC laptop out of my bag. He was Swiss French and convinced that anyone using a PC must be worthless a wee bit Neanderthal. A bit of sweet talking about the merits of the G4 I owned (it was a while ago) saved the day. I also never heard of a PC getting you laid, whereas a Mac can say shed loads about you whilst you’re having out near a Wi-Fi hotspot. But I digress.

So I’m in a lovely little sun drenched room in Uruguay putting together a few e-commerce stores. For a break we take a walk around the harbour, over the rock pools bordering the river where the waves are reaching up to frothy. There is a lot of history out there, The Clive was apparently sunk there (a British warship) in the days of sail, a local tourist map stating that on this occasion the famous British accuracy was left wanting. It was in this river that the Graf Spee spent her last days before being scuttled off of Montevideo. It was out of this river that Spanish gold left the country, hence the building of the Spanish and Portuguese towns at the mouth, plus countless incursions by the British to vie for control.

Opposite you can just about see the tall buildings of Buenos Aires. This is where we are going tomorrow.

After a walk we return, I do some more work and life rolls on like the giant river plate, nothing wasted, we are all travelling to the sea.

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  1. We met up with Andy already, Him, Mili and Mathy put us up for three days, showed us around and treated us like kings, it was time well spent. Where are you Razboynik?

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