English Summer

I can’t believe it was the 19th of May that I returned to Blighty, it seems like an age since then.

I have done few of the things I had lined up for my return and many of the things I had not, for instance I have only been to one festival though I had lined up myself a good few more to attend, yet have been busy work-wise plus have been helping a fellow turn his pub into an art gallery.

Having said that I am not sure if helping is the word; although I have made food every day for the place it needs a little more to get it up and running. It has the potential to be a popular budget hostel, an art gallery plus a restaurant, which would give it the cache of what are becoming popular mixed use establishments. There is however a little resistance on behalf of the owner to convert the rooms to good hostel accommodation right now and I want no part in a place that treats travellers poorly. To see how it’s getting along pop over the The Crown Whitchurch website.

So, it is early August and the winter is just around the corner according a friend of mine on facebook. That’s the reality of life in the UK, the prospect of some damp weather is never that far away. Having said that these rhythms can be refreshing, certainly better than sweltering in nigh 40 degree heat in Bangkok whilst the air hangs heavily with the smell of durian fruit. Give me this any day!

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