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  1. Last Century was a time when young people travelled the world in search of themselves, enjoying all that life has to offer.
    I met some great people on my travels and one such soul was Dominic. He was young, confident, fearing nothing and eminently grateful to be alive.
    We met in village in the mountains of India and we talked of music, computers, travel and philosophy.
    He was searching for new ideas and new ways of life as I was, you could say that I was lost but I never felt more alive and it was clear from the beginning that freedom and travel would be fundamental to course of our lives.
    We were looking towards the future, so we talked of the things that were fiction, but are now reality, just as now we talk of what’s to come even if it seems impossible.
    Computer graphics, video editing, audio recording were so new then but in a short space of time they are all now at our fingertips on a humble laptop.
    I always felt that life was a precious gift and that to question the way we live was necessary and healthy and what better place to dwell on such things than in the mountains in India.
    How this all finds its way onto the web is both miraculous and mysterious.
    Even as we move into the future and our day to day lives force us to focus on immediate needs I can never forget that my true thoughts and values on life were forged in a chance meeting with Dominic, in a small mountain village in India.

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