It can take time to find a good place to stay in a town, but we landed on our feet here at the Ganga View Hotel for Christmas and anywhere is going to be downhill after that.

Our next stop was the Sai Kripa hotel. Not pretty, rough around the edges, but with a lovely rooftop to look out over the city and catch some tips on advanced kite flying. There were also lots of Indians on holiday there so we felt like we were catching up with the locals, their kids and all the noisy fun of the fair.

After a bit of sleuthing we have finally come to rest at the Ganpati Guest house. The Ganpati is brightly coloured, reasonably priced (we are paying 550 rupees for a room that is overlooking the river) and very comfy with a view from the rooftop restaurant of one of the more vibrant ghats. Great for taking pics.

Here are some of those pics. Some of them are taken by Isis, that’s my girl :0)

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