Ireland for a musical feast..

Well the budget airlines are starting to come under scrutiny as the braying herd start to blame them for the worlds woes. This is one such case where an argument about the erosion of Machu Picchu turns into a discussion about taking long haul flights. We need to change a little more about the way we live than not taking too many flights..and perhaps go back in time to a pre industrial revolution because the third world is taking it’s turn at the sooty helm and they don’t care about middle class braying cos they have had enough of being poor.

One interesting fact is that even if the UK DID go pre industrial revolution the expanding Chinese would pick up the shortfall in merely a few years.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I took another flight costing less than 10p to the west of ireland and a buddies birthday bash. We had a lovely time surrounded by the best of traditional Irish music, where you feel included rather than a voyeur, where the party is everyone. I’ll pop a video up as soon as it uploads to youTube.

We also went to the flying boat museum at Foynes. The Irish coffee was invented here to keep pilots warm after chilly cross Atlantic flights, now what would the braying masses say about that, pilots getting wankered on whiskey to keep the chills off of them.

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