Let’s get brave again

It seemed, not so long ago, that if you designed a website of more than 3kb one image and a contact form, you would be whipped by spec wearing nerds for being a web disgrace.

More than 6 years ago I was messing about with shockwave 3d sites, but at that time it would have taken a week to download the required bulk onto anybodies machines. I gave up and wheeled out the CSS like the rest of them.

Not so any more. Be brave seems to be the trend as peoples bandwidth expands like a chip fed navvy.

Let’s take a look at weird and wonderful. They are in the business of spectaculars and what better than a spectacular collection of websites to show this off. You can spin your way around their facilities using flash based 360 images, get a feel for the wonderful titbits on offer and all with a helping of 3d to finish off.

Not that they have been foolish with precious kb’s. Flash files are broken down into smaller parts as each is loaded separately as HTML would and all files have been cleverly optimised.

Let’s forget the days where we pulled in our belts and whipped ourselves for having a little fun.

Live it up again ;0)

Btw, we built the site…ahem..nothing wrong with a shameless plug now is there…

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