Little India

One thing about Singapore is that you can transport yourself to different parts of the world in theme park style by going to a few of the little enclaves dotted about.

Right now I am in Little India. Little India is like a sanotised microcosm of the mother country where you can absorb the sights and sounds in a few hundres square metres, music shops, shrines, them smell of incense misxed with spicy food. Tonight I chowed down on a mutton byriani and cold iced tea.

I almost didn’t stay through the day though. For a while this morning I missed my lady and felt somehow as if I were negligent in not being in the UK with my brethren for the bad weather and knee deep snow, so much so that I rang Qantas and asked them to change my flight. But just before I gave them my credit card info for the surcharge I realised that I had better finish what I had started and make it through my last week for this winters trip, so I have booked a bus to take me to Mersing where I’ll catch a ferry to Tioman tomorrow.

for tonight I have the treat of the six nations starting so I’ll pop on over to a local bar and catch the game in 20 minutes time.

2 thoughts on “Little India”

  1. Hey Bud …. hope the Rugby Cheered you up !!!

    I seem to remember feeling kinda lonely over there in Asia about 16 years ago, just after my lady had headed home ……. after 18 months travelling together…… I flew back 1 month later, and all was well, so no need for the worries ..!!!

    Enjoy your time where you are matey – coz it’s bleeding freezing here – a few pics here

    take care matey


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