Palolem Beach is probably the most scenic of Goas Beaches. Arambol up in the north does have it’s fresh water lake and other beaches are certainly less crowded like Agonda beach, which is a little further North. But Palolem is a hut filled riot of colour where you

can relax, swim in the sea, eat gorgeous food at reasonable prices and get a massage afterwards.

We headed over the southern fringe of the beach around the corner to where it gets a little quieter. Here you can get a bungalow for a song and we even found one place with wireless, sadly booked up as I would have moved there for the lovely bay view and the fact that I could have caught up with some work whilst sipping on a kingfisher beer.

3 thoughts on “Palolem”

    1. That’s very kind Dom, it was just a very gorgeous, colorful India that allowed me to take a few pics of her beauty.

      But how is your photography doing, it seems like a long time since we met up in London so it would be great to hear some news.

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