Paragliding Course day Five, High.

We went up to the high site at Sarankot today which is just under a kilometre up in the air. We made two flights and landed in a field by the river where the local kids came and helped us to pack up our wings.

I have been doing the packing myself and insisted they leave it alone until I found out that they have been doing it for years and can teach us a thing or two, so I stood back and learned by their example. They’ll be flying before long although it seems that locals don’t make wonderful pilots because they lack a spacial awareness nbeeded to become really good, but perhaps that will come in time.

I’m thoroughly addicted to this sport, walking into the air on a wing, it’s like all of my dreams of flying have come true. And they have.


4 thoughts on “Paragliding Course day Five, High.”

  1. Looks awesome can understand how you could become addicted to the thrill of flying like a bird. Lots of love mum and chris

  2. Hey Dom,

    Just checking your blog – looking good !!

    Hope you are well … have you checked out where the Guys from The Standard Tandoori on Caversham Road in Reading all came from ? – I remember when Bruce went out to Nepal, he checked in with their families.

    remember when Paragliding, not to drop yer laptop, I-phone or dongle !!!

    all the best buddy


  3. Ha, actually it’s Jack up there not me, as I’m the one taking the pics I tend to have less of me in them, but I was flying a wee while after

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