Paragliding Pokhara

When I was about to leave The UK, a buddy of mine suggested I take an old VGA res headcam with me for filming some of the paragliding course. but to be honest I thought I’d be too busy doing stuff like learning to fly to make any kind of video. It wasn’t until a few days into the course that I started pressing the play button with an idea in mind of making a video at the end of the course, so there are stills only at the beginning and the shots were from a panasonic camera hanging from my neck whilst flying.

So here it is, the PP3 course at Frontiers Paragliding Nepal, with Esther, Jack, Nathalia, Gayithri, Tristan and his old friend Geoff.

Thanks to Adam, Graeme, all at Maia Devi, at the Frontiers shop, the little sandwich shop over the road and the fine upstanding folk of Lakeside. If anyone is thinking of doing the course I must say that this is probably the best thing I have ever done in my life, except perhaps for things that I can’t remember doing because I was pissed, something that Adam didn’t allow whilst paragliding.

Geoff didn’t do the course, he only came out on the piss-ups.

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