Paris Rugby Tickets

I was out last night in St-Germain-Des-Pres where the good cheer and singing was refreshing. Well the singing was anything but refreshing but it was all in the best possible intention and this isn’t a welsh rugby match after all.

We are a confused bunch I must say. The English tending to sing Irish rebel songs in French bars to cry god for Harry, England and St George. Huzzah!

I haven’t got a ticket for tonight’s match. To start with a tried with little success…but after I saw that it will be more fun in the Paris streets or in a local bar I decided not to bother and spend the £500 on something more useful than a ticket. The Eiffel Tower has been decorated for the event with some huge video screens erected for the match to be watched on. That’s where we will go.

For the French this is a big match. The president has pinned his colours to the mast of rugby and he wants a mandate for change in a country that is experiencing economic changes on the scale of the UK in the eighties. There are also a lot of people who point out to the right wingers here that it is black and white people playing nicely together that wins for the good of France. A sporting win on this scale makes a difference, it is like ancient Rome in a modern setting.

A good game will make everyone winners, no matter who loses.

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