Plymouth to Banjul Rally

This cyber gypsy is off gadding about again in the early days of December. I am setting my compass for the desert dunes, leaving a winters London behind and rallying off with the boys and girls from ACE.
Some old buddies from Koh Tao have decided to take part in the Plymouth to Banjul rally. it’s a poor mans Paris to Dakar, with cars costing £100 and the destination being the capital of The Gambia, Banjul. It’s actually a bit further than Dakar, because we are just that little bit more stupid brave.

We hope to be keeping everyone posted along the route by updating our blog at and if we have the facilities we’ll post daily video’s, and perhaps immersive video (QTVR) of our wonderful surroundings.

What will be really great is to see the lads again, it’s been 8 years and it will be marvellous.

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