Puerto Montt

The bus journey from Castro to Puerto Montt was a lovely journey. Green rolling hills, a ferry across the Canal de Chacao standing on deck with spray in the face from a wind flecked sea.

Puerto Montt however was a different affair.

Puerto Montt is growing at a rapid rate due to it’s status as a gateway to the tourist rich south. It has all of the hallmarks of somewhere that attracts people who want to make a quick buck, it looks edgy in a way that perhaps only Valparaiso does as a port town, you don’t want to be in certain parts of Puerto Montt after dark drunk with your wallet on a string dragging behind you!

I found a place to stay that had been recommended to me and to be honest it was awful. Bad hosts, a windowless room and no hospitality, all in all I was pleased to get out of puerto Montt the next day on a bus to Valdivia.

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