Trains and planes

Things can get a bit confusing here. For instance,  I sat on a train from Sydney central that went through Newcastle on it’s way to the rural idyll of North Queensland. This train didn’t leave from Paddington as inter city trains don’t leave from Paddington even though these trains are the same trains that leave from Paddington to go to Cardiff. I don’t think there is a Cardiff here although I bet there is. I just don’t think there is.

The trains that leave from Sydney Central are made in England. Well bits of it is. The same kind of train that leaves from Sydney Central to go to Newcastle doesn”t go from Paddington to Newcastle. It might go from Kings cross to Newcastle but not from Kings cross here, that’s not really a main train station place. Anyhow, I think the Kings cross to Newcastle line is electrified in the UK which the Sydney Central to Newcastle line isn’t.

On the train they serve afternoon tea. In England they just serve tea all of the time as afternoon tea is thought of as a bit of an antiquated thing, but then again we have loads of things around us all of the time in the UK to remind us that things are ticking over as they should, here they have afternoon tea, so they quite like to hang on to that kind of thing.

You get the picture.

The trains here are great. If the train that we caught up to Coffs Harbour was made in England that is the only comparison. It was clean, the food was good and every station we passed was spotless. It makes it a real pleasure to travel by train here, in fact for the extra few hours over flying it is worth it for the view alone.

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