Skype and mobile data cards

T Mobile seem to be green lighting the use of SKYPE on mobile data cards (since October actually, but I am just catching up), but I am still a little unclear about why they were against it in the first place, although the fact that people might be bypassing those expensive daytime mobile calls in favour of cheap skype calls might be a clue. All we need now is for the quality of those Skype calls to improve and away we go, just pop a computer in your pocket and roam.

There does seem to be a big difference in the amount of data these data cards call unlimited though. Vodafone seem to think 1 gig is unlimited data transfer (a few youtube video download sessions will gobble that up)  for £45 per month, but t-mobile thinks 3 gigs per month on a £29 plan is excessive, and 10 gigs per month on the £44 plan (which allows the use of VOIP). Am I missing something here or is this a no brainer.

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