I missed the snowy antics at the lido last weekend and thought that it could have been the last chance this year. However as lady luck may have it not only did it start snowing again last night, but it was also Ian’s birthday hence the lido had a bit of the Sunday atmosphere about it this morning. Happy birthday Ian!

Ian’s presents of fine booze and cakes populated the cafe and some lovely souls had decorated the ceiling with balloons, so that when I went in this morning it was more like V.E.Day than a Friday morning at the lido.

The shallow end was a little icy so we trotted up to the deep end for a dip where the water was fresh and clear, if there was a dull spirit that entered the pool it was polished bright this morning for sure.

4 thoughts on “Snow!”

  1. Cheers Ian. When appropriate I think it gives a little of the old Kodachrome effect to pics by simply upping the saturation and the brightness, I loved those old pics from the 50’s where everything looked brighter, more full of zest.

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