St Kilda

St Kilda is a beach resort near Melbourne that reminded me of Brighton in a modest way. I think it’s esplanade is called Brighton so I don’t think it that unfounded. There is a salt water pool here that I popped in to get some ozygen into my brain -the pool was so salty that I found myself wretching after even a little water crept into my mouth, you really needed googles as well as the water felt toxic as it obviously had products in it that the sea did not have. This was supposed to be a ‘spa’ pool and I did feel envigorated after a swim.

The sunset from St Kilda is amazing, but one thing that drew my attention was the vast stream of light coming from the ‘Eureka’ building in Central Melbourne. This beam of light looked almost mythical, as if Indiana Jones would be waiting underneath with an Indian feller and a crock of gold.

Melbourne City centre is as to be expected of a city of it’s size these days. they make use of the river, have lovely trams that circle the city that you can book up as restaurants if you have a bunch of people up for it and some lovely big buildings, but it’s all starting to look a bit like one big city, just choose your location for it.

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