Sydney to Running Stream

We travelled back from Manly beach yesterday on one of the Sydney Ferries. It was the perfect end to a good few days ‘chooking around’ the harbour. Sydney is more complex than I wanted it to be at first, but this has grown into a comfortable warm feeling of being somewhere where the weather, the food and the company is great.

Today we hopped on a train that took us through the blue mountains to the mining town of Lithgow just beyond. We are waiting there for a bus to take us to running stream where we are to head further into the countryside where a friend of my lady has built an eco house.

Yesterday I experienced my first barbecue at another buddy of hers. I soon sat back and enjoyed the company, the brilliant colours of the plants all around us, the bird song and the sing song conversation. I reckon it will take a while to fully acclimatise but I know it’ll happen because all anyone wants around here is for everyone else to be having a good time. Weh heh heh.

One thought on “Sydney to Running Stream”

  1. Lucky you, AUstralia!! and you will be the first to be next year!! (ok, almost, but mainly the first to fall to the other side; 2009… and downunder too!!

    Take some nice pictures please!!
    and a big hello (and kiss of course) to Donna!

    we go hide in the pyrenees for new year’s eve, probably under snow!!!

    take care!

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