The Atlanta

The Atlanta has the oldest swimming pool in Thailand apparently and from the age of the palm trees surrounding it I can believe it. The entrance hall is original and fourties music pipes through the ground floor to add to that golden age of travel feeling.

The wifi connection is also great for gypsying, so I’m in the foyer right now tapping away to the strains of Peggy Lee.

The most amazing thing about this hotel is the no hanky panky policy. In large letters over the front door they state that if you are after the seedier side of Bangkok life then you are in the wrong place, so at the desk on the arrival they gently probe you (wrong choice of phrase perhaps, no probing allowed here) as to what you are up to.

The wrong answer would be ‘send three girls to my room and I’ll tell you later’.

The most magical thing about this place has to be it’s swimming pool. I leaped in as soon as I arrived from the airport to bring my core temperature down (the contrast from London was so great my thermostat was nearing breaking point).

The rooms aren’t great, but this isn’t the hilton and it only costs a tenner with aircon, so it’s a lot cheaper than renting a garage in London should you extend your stay to forever.

Even though there is no hanky panky they do sell beer. I’m going to go and get one.

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