The Glambulance

It is a Mercedes 416 Sprinter with a 5 cylinder 2.7 litre turbo engine, I finished it to be a work, swim, sleep and travel vehicle so it has electricity, a lot of space, a very comfortable bed and speakers in the back for some good sounds.

It has had many parts replaced, the air bags and the suspension recently given an overhaul by the people who actually made the suspension in the first place, dual mass clutch, alternator, water pump, starter motor, has had some of the injectors re-seated, the turbo was repaired and it has a spare mercedes alternator, plus headlights and other bits and pieces should they go wrong.

It has 4 fully seat belted seats with the front seats able to be turned to face backwards, it has side seats in the back which can be used for dining or relaxing, USB, a 3kw inverter for 240 volts, USB slots for re-charging devices, a lot of storage space and surround speakers, plus LED lighting in the ceiling and on the sides, the latter can be changed to any colour so it can be bright or soft for a gently nights sleep, it can also be set to change colour automatically which is soothing together with some good music.

There are outside lights, a night heater for winter and a ceiling fan for summer, it has been painted and carpeted so it looks very glamorous too.

But the main idea is that it’s versatile. There is a lot of space to store what you want, so a cooker is stored in one of the big storage spaces, then placed on a table in the space in front of the bed, this table can be taken to pieces and stored over the drivers cabin. A portable shower can be hung over the back door and filled from a river and if you need to toilet you can put one in a box, I keep a large water container in one of the overhead storage lockers so there’s water, so you can make what might be the most important thing which is a cuppa.

If you need to store tools there is the room for them and the electrics so you can use power tools, if you want to store sports equipment there is room for the gear and the van has seats for 4 people.

If you need to carry mountain bikes, or canoes, there’s room inside, not outside, just configure it how you want and you’re off.

To sleep I use a posh air bed that pumps up using the 240 volts, it takes a few minutes to fill up and is the best nights sleep I have ever had.

I personally also used it as a mobile work space, and a swim van, I make websites so I could use my phone internet to plug in wherever I was and sit at the table using a laptop, then I could go and swim in a mountain river and spend the night wherever I wanted. I never found anywhere that was far from the internet when I needed it, so I could find places to swim or stay easily using the mobile wifi on my phone via a laptop I plugged into the inverter, or a tablet I plugged into the USB.

It gets me out swimming!

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