The more mobile gypsy

The whole idea of super portability allowing us all to be cyber gypsies is maturing at a rapid rate. Completely by chance today I stumbled upon the OQO portable computer today and was amazed (I was originally chasing around rumours I had heard of Skype using bizarre amounts of bandwidth on mobile data cards, a rumour that I suspect is encouraged by mobile suppliers, but more of that later).

The tough little cookie comes with the kind of performance of, well, the Vaio laptop I am using right now. The latest model even sports vista, and you can plug it into a docking station and twin monitors (not sure if one of the twins is it’s own monitor) upon returning to base.

The great thing about these is that when you go out you can simply pop your computer in your pocket, data, programs, skype, and utilise the built on mobile broadband connection wherever you happen to be to connect to the internet.

I suspect that they are making their money out of embedding the mobile connection to a few preferred suppliers, so it will be interesting to see what the costs are.

I’ll leave you with the promo video.


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