Thermas Geometricas

Thermas Geometricas

Las Thermas Geometricas are bit out of the way. So out of the way in fact that we gave up trying to get there on the first attempt, when a road that was marked on

the map in the Lonely Planet guide got too washed out to drive on in anything but a high wheelbase 4×4. The next time we took the opposite way around the Villarica volcano, followed by an unmade road for 17km to finally get there. It was well worth the effort.

Words won’t really do justice to this place, it really is one to experience so here are some pics and a video.

My lovely other half Baffy girl headed off on her own today (the 12th of November) as she has a few job opportunities in Australia that she can’t afford to pass up. It has also been her ambition for a while to return to her homeland so that she can get re-acquainted again. I have decided to stay here for a while as I have fallen in love with this place and would like to soak up the mountain air.

Perhaps I’ll head south after to where the penguins live.

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